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Meraki Switch stack monitoring

Meraki Switch stack monitoring

We have many cisco switch stacks and love that Solarwinds can monitor all of the switch ports using a single IP (just was we benefit from having a single entity to manage and monitor)

Unfortunately, I've just discovered that our new Meraki retail implementation throws Solarwinds a curve ball it cannot handle.

Even a 2 switch stack (using QSFP stacking ports on MS-210s ) dead ends Solarwinds "list resources at port 54.

I'd hate to have to abandon the stacking ports and revert back to managing 2 switches over a 2G port channel but that is an option.

I can still monitor the critical interfaces connected to the 2nd (or 3rd) switch or see stats in the Meraki dashboard but our goal it to roll all of that up into Solarwinds.

Level 7

That seems like a reasonable request and something that Solarwinds generally does very well at least from our Cisco switch stacks.   Hopefully their support is working on a solution if they don't have one yet as that would not be ideal to have to manage separately.

Level 16

Meraki is only growing, and with thier dashboard it would help if there were things that Orion can do better.  If Orion can just get  real data from the Meraki API then this can be accomplished.

As we move to Meraki I use Orion less because I cannot count on the data it is getting from the Meraki MX and MS devices via SNMP

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