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Max routing table entries should be in "Settings"

Max routing table entries should be in "Settings"

Have you ever noticed in your routing table entries on a node that it says "This device's routing table has more entries than can be displayed in the table below. The data below is incomplete.>> How can I fix this?"

If you go to the page referenced it gives nice and detailed instructions on how to fix this.   Here is that page:

Fix routing table resources with incomplete data - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

Simple enough right?   Well, its a bit of a PITA to do, not because editing the file is difficult, but because Windows makes it difficult with how it handles permissions.

But, more importantly there is the little caveat that you might have missed on said page which states:   "Note: Running the Configuration Wizard after completing the edit in this procedure will restore default values."

What?!   That means you have to go edit it every time you run the config wizard?   Ok, so this might not be 100% true, it might only do it if you run the Website part or another part.  Not 100% sure on whether its >every< time or not.  But regardless, you're still having to remember every time you run the config wizard that you might have to go change this back?   Not cool.

My proposal is that this needs to be part of the normal polling config.   Might even be appropriate to have it where you can override the routing table size for a specific node.   ie: you want to get all the routes on your Internal routers, but your external routers that hold the full BGP tables?    Maybe you don't want hardly any entries on that one?

IMHO I would say that any setting that needs to be changed often enough that a knowledge-base article is made to make it easy, should be considered to be put into the web-based Settings instead.

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Agreed! The noted "fix" seems really hokey.  This isn't a crazy modification as large routing tables aren't exactly uncommon.

Yea, and then they're inconsistent in how they do these "fixes" too sometimes.   Just ran across this:

Enable VTP VLAN polling in UDT - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

Which I was having problems polling different VLAN's in UDT, which by default its supposed to do I think.  But, after making this change things seem to be working better.  

So with the first one you modify a text file, then on this one you modify a value in an SQL table.   Easier than modifying the text file, but why the difference?

Capturing routing tables via SNMP in known to be very inefficient; devices will not return the data in timely fashion, it will time out with all this causing the issues you are experiencing. Changing the max entry collection value, while it allows for greater data volume to be collected, it does not change the underlying method of collection being unsuitable.

I remember reading that this was something that SW were changing, so that the data would be collected via command line, which would be the appropriate method.

Should we let them use VTP?


(VTP was invented by the devil, inspired to bring entire networks down every time a newbie installs a new switch.  Don't use it!)

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I would love to be able to change this MAX setting per device in the GUI.

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Ack!  I just found this posting after trying to figure out why my edits disappeared.  Since I was making the change "outside the lines", I didn't expect it to get wiped out... especially by CWiz, since the first fix suggestion is "take 2 CWiz and call me in the morning."

Definitely needs to be persistent.

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We've just run into this as well,  and not only should this be in settings, but possible to add on a per-device settting.