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Map Links Based on TCP/UDP Ports

Map Links Based on TCP/UDP Ports

Would like to be able to create maps (either with Network Atlas or the Worldwide Map Resource) that have links between devices that will only show specific traffic per port (i.e., Port 80, Port 443, etc). This may only be possible through integration with NTA or the deep dive packet analysis that is in Beta, but it would add a large amount of flexibility to the maps overall.

Level 13

Great request Zack.  This would really help clients focus the massive amounts of data about traffic down to a more manageable amount.

Level 9

Zack, although I am able to do this on each node--through the CLI, the time it takes is too much, and PowerShell is great, but I must create the loop, which isn't much better. Your suggestion makes my life easier when we must migrate systems or when I want to ensure security audits pass (ahead of time!).

Level 13
li-migration Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented