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Manually setting specific IP Address to hostname mappings

Manually setting specific IP Address to hostname mappings

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I know that NPM uses reverse DNS lookup to obtain human readable hostnames for IP Addresses.  For about 99% of the IP Addresses on our network, that is great and works well.  However; I have some point to point legal IP Addresses we use and it would be nice to tie a host name to them without having to go through the process of contacting someone else's DNS server who maintains those IP Addresses.  I thought about just masquerading that subnet on our local DNS servers however; we use Microsoft Windows DNS servers and they create entire class C reverse DNS lookup zones so if I did that for the two IP Addresses in our point to point network, I would also have to maintain 252 other DNS records for those other IP Addresses and since I do not own outside of our /30 block, it would not be a good solution.

I would like the NTA settings to be able to take an IP Address and call it something else that a human could understand better.

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