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Mandatory Custom Properties

Mandatory Custom Properties

I would like the ability to make certain custom properties mandatory when creating a node.  We have alerts and reports based off custom properties like city, department, and region but sometimes they are not filled out when adding a new node.  It would be very useful to be able to flag specific custom properties as required fields before a new node could be added.


An absolute must feature!

I don't know what consideration SW takes into internal Orion management.  While there may be only one or a few individuals that manage/maintain/design the displays and alerting etc. for their company, there are frequently other individuals propagating data to be monitored.  Those individuals are not currently restricted from entering data incorrectly, so the designed displays/alerts/triggers etc are not working when Nodes are built with incorrect properties.

Level 11

We also rely on custom properties for our NPM and IPAM configurations.  These are mainly used to group and deliver reports.  Since we have started distributing the management of nodes beyond the SW administrators, the population of these custom properties is more difficult to enforce.  This is a must have feature in the next release of Orion.

Level 9


Level 9

I am bringing attention to this request so that it does not get forgotten. This is still something that almost all of my clients have requested.

Level 16

This would be a HUGE help.  NONE ever follows procedures so forcing them would be a huge help!!

Level 9

Glad to see people are still wanting this and it doesn't slip through cracks.  Someone else just recently opened the same request:

Vote twice so it gets more attention

The Mandatory Custom properties shouldn't be limited to just the NODES table, but to any table where you have defined custom properties. The System administrators should be able to define/set which custom properties are Mandatory.

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Level 10

Agree.  Our alerts are routed based on a customer property field.  Also, NOC maps are filtered on customer properties.  So right now we run an audit monthly to catch any nodes added with that field still null.  Usually catch 1 or 2.

Level 12

At my previous company, we had nodes under All Nodes sorted by a custom property (see my poll for details) and it would be nice to make them mandatory.