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Manage/manage/mute/unmute F5 entities through the GUI

Manage/manage/mute/unmute F5 entities through the GUI

Right now there's no way to manage/unmanage/mute/unmute F5 entities (pools, virtual servers, virtual IPs, etc.) through the GUI. In fact, these entities can't be managed/unmanaged at all. It should be possible to unmanage/remanage individual pools, virtual servers, VIPs, etc. the same as we can do with interfaces, volumes, and so on.

Level 7

Am currently dealing with the same issue.  Would love the ability to be able to manage/unmanage pools and vips.

Level 14

+4000 votes please!

No other bumps?  No one else is interested in this?

Level 13

#bumpsqaud​ an MVP calls for aid!

Very very very useful feature if available out-of-box or customizable. we have a lot of F5 VS's in our environment which we use only from time to time hence mostly parked and could not be deleted. Solarwinds generates alerts of down/offline/disabled VS on regular basis and to ack each and every alert every time it pops up. is very time consuming  These alerts also block visibility to other more critical alerts. Kindly make this feature available. Any other solutions are welcome.

Level 7

I find this lack of basic functionality makes this module and polling not very useful to us. I have way too many virtual servers with no pools attached. This assumption that I would want to be alerted about it is odd.  One needs these for redirecting http to https and a host of other reasons.

Level 11


Receiving unnecessary alert for F5 specially on maintenance period.

Level 7

Need this feature badly as there are lot of pools/virtual servers we would like to un manage from F5.