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Manage Dependency Permission

Manage Dependency Permission

Hello All,

After reading another post by banthon1 I decided to raise this feature request as he has raised what I think is missing element that would make life easier.

At the moment if you remove Admin access from an account you also remove the ability to manage dependencies, and the shortcut key is removed from the web console widget.

I think it would be awesome if an additional setting could be added to the Account Permission screen in a similar way that Node Management is. You don't need Admin access to go into Node Management as long as you have this option selected:


Upvote if you feel this would add value, or feel free to comment if you think there should be some alternative.



1 Comment
Level 10

How do I UPVOTE this? I'm running 2020.2 and I'm blown away this hasn't been made available yet. Anyone have a work-around for this without granting everyone Admin access just to manage dependencies?