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Local Worldmap repository for offline use

Local Worldmap repository for offline use

One of my clients can't use the worldmap feature since the Solarwinds Orion server and access is done on a network segment that does not access internet. The worldmap frame is then grayed out and you only see the map point.


A simple workaround would be to import OpenStreet files to the Orion server so it can delivers maps in a closed circuit network


AFAIK, loading the World Map relies on local network resources ie: the internet connection on the client machine accessing the browser.

Is he accessing the World Map resource from the Orion server?

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Nope. As you mentioned, the client currently needs an internet connection to visualize the maps. This is exactly why we have issues with that as most of our stations are in a closed network

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I'm sure that wanine39 would know what i'm talking about

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Yes, I have requested that sw provides a means to allow offline access. I have asked now fir three years

the first step is when the product is installed , ask the following question, "do you have inet access?"If not, disable all sw or thwack access  requests

then ask the user to point to where they store their imagery files etc

some of us have vast repositories of imagery that could be integrated

imho, sw is ignoring the needs of offline users as we a small part of their customer base

what they forget/don't realize is  that some features we request are equally valuable to those that have inet access

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I see many sectors where having a closed network or restricted access to Internet is standard : Telcos, government, pharmaceutical or manufacturing enterprises to name a few... I'm not sure it's just a small part of customer base... One day they'll realize

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Yeah there are more peeps with closed off networks then you probably would think. ;^}

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Content could be downloaded from:

My guess would be to have a script that modify the web location of worldmap in NPM and have them pointed on a local webserver of some sort...

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I see that there is a free geoserver product out there, would it be possible to host the data off there and link to it in solarwinds? GeoServer. I haven't used this myself yet

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You might find some pertinent information here: switch2osm | Make the switch to OpenStreetMap

Has anyone been able to get it working offline? I can see planglois is suggesting to download content, but where should I store it and what config changes I need to do in SW to switch it to offline location?