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Load Balance Multiple Orion Web Servers using HTTPS

Load Balance Multiple Orion Web Servers using HTTPS

We have an F5 load balancing a pool of 2 Orion additional
websites which both connect to one central NPM poller.  The Orion database is on a separate server.
The F5 hosts a certificate and we use https to connect to the website from the
Internet.  Everything works fine until
you try to edit a node. For example if I'm at
https://OrionWebServerPoolFQDN/Orion/Nodes/NodeProperties.aspx?Nodes=...  and if I make a change then hit either the
SUBMIT or CANCEL button I get an instruction to pull an http page which tries
to open a new session. Since I was already in an https session before I hit
submit or cancel, I cannot open the new http connection.  The end result is I have hit the back button
on the browser several times to reconnect with my https session. Usually the
change I tried to make does take effect however this is a big nuisance problem
since I can’t return to the node details page where I started.  This issue even occurs with only one server
in the pool and it to be bad a http-redirect programming in the Orion web
application.  You can clearly see the
issue in a packet capture.


I had opened Case # 642678 but my ticket was closed with
this response:  "As confirmed by our
dev team Orion NPM may have issues on a load balancer. From my investigation,
the issue appears to be present on other web applications as well.  I have to close out this case but I can place
a feature request for you to add support for load balancers in Orion."


I don’t know if a feature request was ever opened by the tech support staff so I’ve
opened one here.


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This problem defeats the purpose of licensing additional web servers and load balancing them. 

‌Not an F5 expert but I play one on TV...

I was told our F5 connection preference had to be set to sticky so that active connections stayed on the same load balancer. This is due to IIS not being clustered and sharing active connections like you would with something like memchached.

planning on loadbalancing soon so happy to have clarification

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We had an issue with the F5 since we switched to it where we would continually have to clear our cookies and cache.  Since I don't maintain the F5 myself, I didn't know what options were available but apparently our pool was configured for cookies and we've switched it to source-ip which seems to be working much better.  You didn't say one way or the other how your configured but I did notice our folks having problems opening additional webpages with persistent cookies enabled.

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Can some please recommend optimal settings for SW web server loadbalncing over https using F5?

as of now the webservers are setup in round robin mode and this cause issues of session time out and sometimes the widgets does not load properly

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