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List 'Affected Objects' Parent Node on Alert Trigger Preview

List 'Affected Objects' Parent Node on Alert Trigger Preview

There is a wonderful feature on the Summary of an Alert page when editing, just above the submit button.

The trigger preview is an excellent addition. Even though we would get the alert right away, some of us prefer an enhanced preview of the "Affected Objects". Adding the parent node to this detail would be immense. No problem for me seeing a node name with a component either. If that comes with an App name as well even better. Any addition in detail so we can easily verify expectations before clicking 'submit', is a win!



Level 12

I think this would be true for all child objects of a Node in Alerting. Interfaces, Hardware, Routing, Volumes, etc..



Totally Agree - Testing some F5 Alerts yesterday and did think this to myself but it’s just one of those small little things you know is annoying but just accept!


I'm just going to say it. @cahunt writes a mean feature request. 🤘