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Linux KVM support

Linux KVM support

Deliver Linux KVM support (Linux VM host/guests) similar to Hyper-V and ESX. Currently, NPM has no understanding of the host/guest relationships, the capacity remaining on the host, Top xx memory/CPU/IO of guests, etc. This would help your Linux support levels (currently a bit thin, all in all)


I second this. KVM is proven to be cost effective and reliable. We have 30+ hosts running 350 VMs and going strong. This has saved us $$,$$$ of VMWare licensing costs. If IT managers were aware of the cost savings they would push their groups to move to this in some way, maybe not 100%.

Level 16

Just to provide some insight... recently for 1 of our customer we have enabled the monitoring of KVM hosts( RHEL) by having the snmp enabled on it so that we get all parameters like CPU, memory, file systems, network ports, etc... and for hardware monitoring we have taken iLO and enabled SNMP on that as well...

But yes this still doesnt cover complete hypervisor monitoring like data store, the tree structure and other features which we have fro VMware at the moment...

So +1 for this feature request...

Level 9

please add KVM support to view instances on a hypervisor

no prediction? SolarWinds

Level 16

please have this added soon.. KVM will be the choice in large opportunities...