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Link Utilization Colors Without Topology Polling

Link Utilization Colors Without Topology Polling

We have started using the new 10.7 feature of having dynamic colors for link utilization on maps. The problem is that we cannot use topology polling in some of the areas where this feature is critical, so we cannot use this feature.

Why isnt the link color set off of the currect interface utilization. That seems like the simplest way to accomplish this. Why is topology polling needed??

Please fix link coloring to associate the link color to the interface connected to the link.

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I would like to expand a litle on this one.. It would be nice to have the new fucntionality that is tied to full layer2 connectivity between nodes, but would also liketo see it for layer3 conenctions. Examples of this is being able to show virtual servers connected to a port on a switch, that happens to be traversing a trunck port to the Virtual Host. There is also the example of the Internet Routers that connect to a Serivce Provider, but would like to represent the remote location based on a empty object using a cloud icon to show utilization of the link. we can assign that link to the manually drawn line, but it has functionality.

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Derik Pfeffer

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I am trying to build this kind of MPLS map right now.  It is very frustrating that you can't do this.  Drop a cloud.  Draw a line between the router and the cloud and define it as that interface on the router.

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bug bump

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Super bug bump

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Can't believe this ​still​ hasn't been implemented... Bump!

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Not being able to represent connections into MPLS is a huge problem. Network Atlas is 10 years old now and it is still in version1! Please invest some dev into this very important feature.

Product Manager
Product Manager

mcbridea  Thank you for the feedback.  This is something that we are absolutely aware of and working to address.  You may have seen some mention of this is the Network Performance Monitor WWWO Post

Good idea, color makes things easier to identify.

We really need this, it will makes our monitoring easier. Up for this!