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Leave mandatory custom property drop down fields blank

Leave mandatory custom property drop down fields blank


My current client utilizes many drop down (restricted values) in custom properties. With the inception of mandatory custom properties, the first value in the drop down list is automatically chosen. This satisfies the mandatory specification, but can allow garbage data to come into the database if the user does not ensure that the right value was chosen. It would be better if it created/or stayed blank until the user chose a drop down value.


Dave Burton

Loop 1 Systems.


I wonder if this is because the actual default setting in the database for mandatory custom properties is null, and yet it seems to select the first custom property item in the list.  I have noticed this as well. Example:

custom property a, b, c (String/text/NVCHAR from a database perspective). Mandatory property?

Now all new nodes created will have a selected as the default custom property.

patrick.hubbard‌ or adatole is this intended functionality, FR worthy, or a bug? Thoughts? I suppose it's UI/UX as much as functionality, too.    

Level 9

I would also really like this.

Right now we have to add an "_UNASSIGNED" (underscore so it is the "default" at the top of the list) option to every custom property so that it is not only easier to see when adding a node but so that it is easy to find those nodes which have not had the custom property properly set. This can't be done to the yes/no options unfortunately but it at least makes it so that nodes aren't given an incorrect property for drop downs (messing with all of the custom property tie-ins).

designerfx‌, I agree but it should be relatively easy to add some to logic the add properties page before the node is put into the database. Something similar to the kickback they have for leaving the SNMP community string blank if you select to use SNMP on a new node.

Level 17

I have tested this a little - and Editing a Node - the mandatory custom property does not change. It does NOT default back to choice 1.

You can setup the custom property and not apply it to any node - BUT the FIRST time you edit that node, the Mandatory Custom Properties will all have the 1st choice selected.

* This needs to be blank, and hit the red flag to make the user select what option needs to be there for that Custom Property*

** When creating the choices for the Drop down Menu -> I tried to create a blank option - no spaces just blank and it gave a red flag.  IT DID however let me leave a SPACE ' ' in for the option, but when  the list was saved it removed the ' ' space from an option in the drop down menu.

adrydale‌ the reason this works for you _UNASSIGNED is because _ comes first.

It's still picking the first thing in the list. You could do __  and that would still be the first thing selected. This is echoing exactly what cahunt‌ is saying, it's just a basic behavior: "select the first thing in the list", is probably what defaults from NULL.

Level 17

Yes being mandatory the page won't leave it blank on the page opening. Which means there is some sort of check for this to pull a value. The check should be at the Submit depression.

  And as I noticed the first field listed when you DO NOT have the Mandatory option = NONE   -> (pre v11.5)   - seems the enabling of the mandatory option removes the None.

Level 10

Our database has historical nodes with Custom Props that we now would like to make mandatory, but currently many are empty (a job on my things to do list to populate these).
If we edit a node with empty (NULL) mandatory fields, the fields will be populated with the first item in the drop down lists. This is unexpected and can easily go unnoticed when editing other parts of the node!!

If a field is not mandatory and a drop down list is used, the first item in the list is "None".

In my opinion, this "None" value needs to be the first item in the list for mandatory fields too, but obviously, if selected, attempts to save the data will fail with a relevant error message. This will force users to enter something, hopefully valid!

I concur, which I believe makes this a bit of a bug as much as a FR.    

Level 17

Either way we are here looking for the fix   There is too much speculation in my head about whether or not this was tested, intended, overlooked, etc... time to read something else.

I agree that the mandatory fields should not let a user save the node until they actually select an attribute.  There has been quite a bit of discussion on this and I am hoping that a fix is in the works.

Level 17

Another nice option would be to allow us to set the default value within the custom property manager, based on the list...

i.e. "specify default value"