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Integrate Supported Live Weather Data into Worldwide Map Resource

Integrate Supported Live Weather Data into Worldwide Map Resource

As an underground, windowless, sub basement dweller; this hits close to home for me.

Add or make Weather data (Live, Static with Refreshes on intervals, or loops/GIFs) available to the Worldwide Map so monitoring engineers and system users can see potentially impacted equipment and sites due to storms.

There are a million and one ways (Ok maybe just dozens) to hack it in between Custom HTML, iFrames, and Javascript and some various semi-working methods but adding networking environment complexities (Proxy & ACL restrictions) further complicates this for the Everyday-Orion Admin who really just needs to know if their site got walloped by some severe thunderstorms he can't see or we need to check some router configs for some intern messing around.

Level 9

You could also expand this to simply allow for layers to be added and removed from the world map resource.  This would allow for weather, as well as other resources as needed to meet business needs.

Level 11

Additionally, build in support for offline customers as well. Enable the ability to pull in weather data from on-premis (non-internet) sources

Level 13

That would be awesome! I could then have our layers of generators & tech presence at site added on top of our map! I could also add a coverage heatmap for each of our towers straight in our NOC view

A very nice feature to have. Instead of using scripts or APIs that gets broken overtime. VOTE up!


Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for Voting