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Include Aruba Controller Support in Orion Atlas - Heat Maps

Include Aruba Controller Support in Orion Atlas - Heat Maps

Currently only Cisco Controllers are supported in Orion Atlas for the creation of Wireless Heat Maps. I'm requesting Solarwinds include the Aruba Controller to the list of supported Controllers in Orion Atlas to create Wireless Heat Maps.

Level 14

I'm hoping this makes it into the next release. Would really love to have Aruba support day one like Cisco, in the future.

I am really ambivalent over this because we have airwave that does this already; Our Orion database server is wimpy in comparison with what is needed to support airwave.

I'd need a way to turn it off if needed (we have over 11,000 Aruba wireless access points with over 250,000 active clients on our network on our busiest days)

Current support for redundant controllers in Aruba means we have over 15,000 APs in Orion

[Orion does not consider the same AP on the primary and the backup controller to be one AP, so you end up with duplicate APs in the database each time a failover happens.]

I'm looking to turn down duplicate monitoring of client traffic/stats in Solarwinds

Level 14

So we have airwave as well. I would still like to see this in Orion for two reasons. First is for that single pain of glass pie in the sky dream. Second is actually because we have Airwaves, I'd like to be able to compare the two.

But your point is valid. Being able to turn it off is a must and I think you can do that now just by not using the heatmap option. And I fully agree it needs to handle controller pairs or M+1 deployments and not create duplicates. Not to simplify it but shouldn't the devs just have to code a mac address compare?

Not sure if Airwave has an open API but that might  be an even better way to marry the capabilities. In the end, I'd just like one dashboard for 90% of my day to day needs. If I have to jump to other tools for those tougher situations, I'm fine with that.

airwave has a SNMP-trap support -- you can get airwave to tell your Orion install the state of AP, etc. -- look at the NMP integration pages.

if the Orion SNMP trap support was richer it would be easier to use this to (say) update the AP status dynamically (rather than polling the controllers)

Level 9

I don't want to buy Airwave.. I wish everything would be in Solarwinds.

Level 7

We use airwave too, but this is definitely a feature I would like to see added to SolarWinds and could potentially save money if it could fully replace airwave.  We have decommissioned our Cisco WLC so I'm not able to test the capabilities of the Cisco wireless maps within SolarWinds, but I assume the ability to add walls and set floor height and attenuation is there, along with tracking down rogue APs.

Level 9

I am even curious why this hasn't been yet ?!

Level 8

Disappointing to finally have the time to test this only to find Aruba isn't supported.

Level 9

How Long will it take?

Level 7

This functionnality would be greatly appreciated !!!!