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Include Aruba Controller Support in Orion Atlas - Heat Maps

Include Aruba Controller Support in Orion Atlas - Heat Maps

Currently only Cisco Controllers are supported in Orion Atlas for the creation of Wireless Heat Maps. I'm requesting Solarwinds include the Aruba Controller to the list of supported Controllers in Orion Atlas to create Wireless Heat Maps.

Level 9

Luckily Aruba Airwave has been getting much more powerful over the last few years, the heat maps and switch management works great now.   From what I’ve seen with the next major release of Airwave there are some giant improvements. 

Level 10
  • Aruba Wireless is a lot bigger than it was four years ago.
  • Their wireless market share is growing faster than Cisco.
  • They are the second biggest vendor.
  • Their market share grew 11.90% last year compared to 5.64% for Cisco (more than double)

If they continue to knock it out of the park with ArubaOS and keep closing in on Cisco the demand will just keep growing.

where things were four years ago is old news. you remind me of those people that said that AMD could not make a competitive CPU since Intel had won for so long.

source:Worldwide Enterprise WLAN Market Continues Moderate Growth in the First Quarter of 2019, According t...

It seems as if they totally dropped this feature once it was implemented.  No further support of pretty much anything since then.  🤔😒

I know that Cisco is #1 in market share in this arena, but Aruba is a pretty solid #2 still.   I'd love to see this get implemented!!

Level 9

I completely agree with @cnorborg 

There is very little support in the way of Aruba products compared to Cisco. SW continues to remain primarily a Cisco focused product which is disappointing.