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Include Aruba Controller Support in Orion Atlas - Heat Maps

Include Aruba Controller Support in Orion Atlas - Heat Maps

Currently only Cisco Controllers are supported in Orion Atlas for the creation of Wireless Heat Maps. I'm requesting Solarwinds include the Aruba Controller to the list of supported Controllers in Orion Atlas to create Wireless Heat Maps.

Level 9

2 years later and this is still not supported?

Level 9

Level 9

Would love to have this supported.

Level 7


I was at Atmosphere 2018 last week in Vegas, and this increasingly tonedeaf lack of visibility, heatmapping, and added performance metrics in NPM has never been more glaringly obvious.

For the first time in five years, I actually thought about how easy it would be to ditch about half of our Solarwinds product and *still* get more information at a lower pricepoint.

I think I'm going to have to do it. NPM simply does not deliver what we need any longer.

Level 9

I have been feeling the same way. Especially since Aruba Airwave gives me what I need. Great response and observation from Atmosphere.

Level 10

our organization would benefit greatly from this, since we have several thousand WAPs and are currently using AirWave to monitor them.

Level 8

I voted! Was looking to see if NPM can suppport Aruba Wireless heat map.

If I were you, I'd stick with AirWave. Different platform, sure - but it's a fool's game waiting for Solarwinds to supply the functionality. It is not and will likely never be a priority. We've jumped ship to AirWave and have no regrets.

Level 7

i voted this!

our organization using aruba and hope this functionality will be provided on NPM.