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Improvements to the new 'Manage Entities' page

Improvements to the new 'Manage Entities' page

In the new 'Manage Entities' page, using the filters, how about expanding the awesomeness, by allowing the filter selection boxes to function as more than simple include/exclude options? My idea is to have them as three-phase, so in logical terms 'Nul/Is True/Exclude', with functionality provided by multi-clickable goodness.. so:

Leave the box empty: Ignore it for the purpose of the filter.

Click it once, and the box is checked: Include this field in the filter.

Click the box again, and it gets a cross: EXCLUDE all nodes where this value matches!

For example:

Building a filter, using a combination of Custom Properties, you could have a filter that is looking for devices where the 'Business_Unit' CP value 'A' is checked, AND where 'Device_Role' CP value is NOT 'Printer' (it's box has been clicked twice, and has a big 'ole X in it). To add spice, you could also use the search bar on top of this, providing extreme flexibility. This could also work for built-in values, such as vendor and so on.

At the moment, this cannot be achieved, I believe, without checking all 'Device_Role' CP values _other than_ 'Printer', which, if you have a CP with many values, is somewhat laborious

Level 16

Thank you for filing this tracking under DIS-346

Level 20

Sounds a bit like the filter mechanism from SEM