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Improved BGP Routing Neighbor monitoring

Improved BGP Routing Neighbor monitoring

The current NPM/Orion version still does not have a field for Admin Status for Routing Neighbor, which can be extremely useful for alerting (reducing alert noise; there is no differentiation possible between peers that are set to 'Admin Down' and those who are not). The value for this is stored here:

Specific Object Information
Values1 : stop
2 : start
MIBBGP4-MIB ;   -   View Supporting Images this link will generate a new window
Description"The desired state of the BGP connection.
A transition from 'stop' to 'start' will
cause the BGP Start Event to be generated.
A transition from 'start' to 'stop' will
cause the BGP Stop Event to be generated.
This parameter can be used to restart BGP
peer connections. Care should be used in
providing write access to this object
without adequate authentication."


A value of '1' means that the peer is administratively down.

The current means to get around this limitation is to create a UnDP for the OID above and create a custom SQL/SWQL alert (when alerting on Routing Neighbors you cannot use custom pollers in conjuction with this type of object).