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Improve Visibility into Cisco Lightweight Access Points (LWAP)

Improve Visibility into Cisco Lightweight Access Points (LWAP)

The improvements SolarWinds has made with wireless monitoring has come a long way. From an LWAP perspective the views provided could be better IMO. For example: When an autonomous AP is added to NPM you can see the current utilization of each interface and this information is extremely useful. Because the LWAP is managed by the controller, NPM shows all the AP's in the controller, but provides no useable data in regards to the AP. I can view this info on my controller and its quite detailed, but it would be awesome to have one dashboard to see this data.

So my feature request.

Add more visibility into LWAP's. Using the Cisco Controller as guideline I'm sure the Gurus at SolarWinds can come up with some great new features to couple with the LWAP. On the Cisco Controller Monitor>Radios>802.11b/g/n>hover over the blue arrow>detail



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I would think it would be a great improvement to focus on the new Wireless feature. Some information is omitted from the Wireless views but I don't see a technical reason why. Why are the Machine Types for Access points listed as the controller? Things such as this.

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I am also struggling with some items on LWAPs, in orion the APs table, only a handful are showing the model name and ap type.

Other APs on the same controller have a null model and type. I have 16 over 4 controllers that have a value and all the other 000's are null.

Can you let me know if this is a bug? or what MIB orion polls to get these details?

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SERIAL numbers Please!!!!  We need inventory data!!!!

Here is another similar idea:

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It would be nice, if NPM would use devices or AP names instead of IP in the alarms...

When a LWAP goes down, it says Lwap as disapeared from controller When you have a ton of LWAP on multiple controllers, that is not intuitive.  

Level 13

And CDP info please

Level 9

This is desperately needed.  Having to log into each of my controllers and generate an inventory list is a pain when you have a hundred controllers.

Also, please make sure that the Serial Number is returned FROM THE CHASSIS and not the PCB. 

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yumdarling​ voting on a various ideas give you 5 point only on the fisrt one vote and not on the others like happen for polls.

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