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If...Then...Else statements for Alert Manager

If...Then...Else statements for Alert Manager

I think it would make managing alerts much easier if we were able to build an if-then-else statement into the actions for an alert.

My example...

I create an alert for a particular set of criteria, but I want to enable a different response depending on who is responsible for solving the issue.

IF Node.Owner = "Server" THEN do(Action1)

IF Node.Owner = "Network" THEN do(Action2)

I gather it would be fairly complicated to implement, but I think it would really improve the alert manager.


If you mean to send an email to a different person depending on the type of device then there's another way.  Create a node custom property called 'Contact_Email' (or something similar) and populate it with comma-delimited email addresses (i.e.,,  Create your alert, but in the 'To:' field of the email put ${Node.Contact_Email}.  That way, when the email is sent, whoever you have set for the contact_email for that node will get the message.

What other actions did you have in mind?

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While I see that that would solve my problem, considering we still don’t have pre-defined custom variable selections, etc… I think it would be pretty messy to set it up that way.

I think there are a number of uses for if..then..else in alerting that would be helpful.


Easy there, tiger. I upvoted your suggestion - was just offering you an alternative while you wait.

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Yeah – I know, I’m just engaging in discussion…

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We have over 100 different alerts and many are the same alert with some small change in it.  I think this would be nice because I could have one "issue" with multiple nested variables....  therefore reducing the alerts I need to manage.

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Nicely said 'familyofcrowes'

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Another way to do this would be to allow us to alert on alerts

For example:

One generic alert that is for node down

another that says if Node A has Alert X active for 10 minutes and the time is between 7am and 7pm then email day staff

another that says if Node A has Alert X active for 30 minutes and the time is between 7pm and 7am then email night staff

another that says if Node A has Alert X active for 60 minutes anytime then email escalation team

Although that doesn't really cut down to much on the number of alerts, it gives more flexibility

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good idea I was thinking of something similar

I could use this to send just an email when there is a warning condition or to send a page/email and open an incident for critical conditions. That would cut my alert rules in half.

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if possible you an existing 3rd party programming language PERL, TCL etc.

just so that we can leverage our existing skills and not have to learn some new unique coding style