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If...Then...Else statements for Alert Manager

If...Then...Else statements for Alert Manager

I think it would make managing alerts much easier if we were able to build an if-then-else statement into the actions for an alert.

My example...

I create an alert for a particular set of criteria, but I want to enable a different response depending on who is responsible for solving the issue.

IF Node.Owner = "Server" THEN do(Action1)

IF Node.Owner = "Network" THEN do(Action2)

I gather it would be fairly complicated to implement, but I think it would really improve the alert manager.

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Example of why simply using a "contact" custom property doesn't help.
If you want different actions on node down depending on node Priority Custom Property.
P1 = Call code to make telephone Call to the On Call engineer (e.g. using XMatters)
P2 = Call code to send SMS

P3 = Send email

Currently this needs 3 alerts all looking for Node down events. This is wasteful and adds to our admin. One Alert with a conditional action based on node Priority would be so much neater.

I sympathize with you... I had to do exactly that for a temperature alert I was trying to create for our labs. It ended up being 3 separate alerts as well (two normal and one custom SQL). Quite the same scenario though. The custom SQL alerts don't allow anything outside of select statements. I'd even go for allowing more advanced custom SQL alerts, like incorporating declarations and if/else inside SQL. But at that point they might as well support this...

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this is a good one, hopefully this gets implemented.

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wow, over 1240 votes.....   Im thinking people want this....  🙂

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If/Then or Case/When (if your a query person) would be BRILLIANT.

When I've had to do this, I've had to invoke an external script at the time of triggering/reset that constructs the email based on the data I pass as arguments out of the alert. Of course, that is only a work around for email notifications.

I doubt this is going to get done until the bug involving multiple alert actions with different time periods gets fixed. Which I haven't seen in release notes yet.

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Bump, Bump, Bump.  With almost 1300 votes, why isn't this being addressed?

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Bump, Bump, Bump...a similar use case got requested today for our Solarwinds installation. I would add to the original feature request of this thread that the same types of Alert Trigger conditional equations and variables be allowed for adding conditional equations for Alert Trigger Actions. I am in the process of creating a Customer Support Ticket for it. The ticket is to verify that this feature or similar feature does not exist to perform this functionality (I know slim chance with the comments on this thread). Another reason for ticket would be to add to the "squeaky wheel" effect. I would suggest that the other 1284 "up vote" folks be the "squeaky wheel".

I've been contacted by someone at OpsGenie who is offering a solution to this problem, something to do with a recent partnership with SolarWinds? cobrien​ is this something we should be looking into?