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How about the APC Dashboard/Widget for all RFC 1628 compliant UPS devices

How about the APC Dashboard/Widget for all RFC 1628 compliant UPS devices

I have various UPS devices all over the world and would love to have the same visibility into their status as you provide for the APC devices.  Currently we have many Phoenixtec Power/XPC that I have created a Universal Poller for and it pulls most of the same information that the APC Universal Poller did.  However, it is not a built-in like the APC.  It would seem that if you are using the OID/MIB to poll for the info you are then manipulating into the APC display, then it should be fairly easy to allow user input of the root OID/MIB they would like polled and displayed.  Like APC is 318, and PPC is 935, Eaton is 534, MST is 13409, SANTAK is 3941, etc...

So, one would think that, replacing those base numbers in the APC widget or dashboard if it is using the RFC1628 for UPS devices should pretty much make it a plug and play swap on the Manufacturer which should essentially result in the same display for each of the vendors without too much difficulty.

And if you can't do it this way, please consider this a request to get the APC dashboard/widget working with a pulldown for selecting the vendor that can use a subroutine to accomplish essentially the same thing.



I'm going to link to this on   in hopes we can add visibility.

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As I thought about this over the weekend, it seems making the widget a "UPS Power Control Unit Status" widget that has a pull-down menu option that allows you to select the correct OEM/OIDroot for that UPS would be the easiest user interface.

jason.carrier​ is this something of an easy one? low hanging fruit/better integration/not much to change?

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I believe it is somewhat a simplistic approach that I am suggesting that wouldn't require too much coding effort to make it happen.

However, I didn't write the code and do not have access to it either.

Nevertheless, I should think you could:

Create a sub routine that allows the user to choose which OEM/OID they need for the node.

Rather than having a fixed OID you would use a place holder where the OID goes and have another simple sub routine to replace the placeholder with the pull down choice in all the right places.

Honestly, I am not quite sure how or why they SolarWinds didn't think of doing it in this manner as it would make the feature that more attractive and useful.

So, I am saying I do not believe that the change should be that difficult or time consuming for a good coder..... I am not one, but have a decent grasp of what is, and or should be possible.

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