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Hardware monitoring support for HP Aruba switches

Hardware monitoring support for HP Aruba switches

We have HP Aruba 3810M and 5400R series switches. I would like to see basic hardware monitoring showing CPU, memory, and temperature probes. We had a solarwind consulting engineer to look at it, it seems very complicated. The custom pollers they created does not integrate into the node summary page and can only get hardware warning with no specific on what's the warning is about.

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Having just spent over 20K on Solarwinds products, it is very disappointing to find that current Aruba models are not supported for this (5412zl V2 and 2930F)

What is even more concerning is that the voting thread is 2 yrs old and we are still having this discussion - you advertise as a vendor neutral solution, please bring support for these switches...

I was able to get the latest MIBs from Aruba for the models I need and emailed them to my SE at Solarwinds.  I was told the dev again would be adding support.  Was told this once already and they closed the ticket with no resolution.  Hopefully they follow through this time....

Will keep everyone informed.

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I have already done this and they have apparently been added... Unfortunately, it seems to have made little difference.

I have also manually added OIDs for temperature, fan states, power supplies, but alerting the UnDPs seems to be failing me at every stage.

Hardware Health DESPERATELY needed for HP Aruba devices!

The new MIBs have been uploaded today.

No change at all.  Very disappointing.

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I share the same grief as everyone else who isn't a Cisco shop from Core to Edge.

We use Cisco in our DC, love all of the monitoring/management capabilities solarwinds delivers for the devices.

On the edge we have Palo Alto, Brocade/Ruckus, Aruba and wish solarwinds could deliver the same capabilities with these devices. 

We are an SLX shop and plan to start looking at other solutions since solarwinds can't seem to pay attention to requests, like these that customers are asking for.

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Hi Guys,

Hardware Monitoring is fine with me, however other orion modules like NCM is having issues.

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Hi sultan0583,

What firmware version are you on? I think this is only affecting post 16.0 firmware updates for HP Aruba devices.

If you are on 16.0+ firmware, did you do anything different to get your HWH working?

Kind regards,


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Hi Jnewell.

I'm running 16.08, by hardware I meant CPU and Memory and that said.

but no way near to cisco monitoring like stacking, fan and CPU/memory history Monitoring.

I'm attaching a screenshot which is all I got from hardware monitoring of Aruba switches.


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hi All,

We are moving from Cisco to Aruba in our HQ campus, we have 4x8325 (layer 3 Aruba) and 14x5412 (layer 2 ) Aruba switches.

I have a 1x2930m layer 2 Aruba switch as well. We use SolarWinds for monitoring, NPM 12.5, I see Hardware health for 5412 and 2930s are unknown.

I need monitoring on Power Supplies and FANs. Anyway you guys figured it ?



We got Hardware Health details working for Aruba switches running WC 16.x while testing NPM 12.5 RC2.