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Groups to Worldmap

Groups to Worldmap

In the new NPM Worldmap, you can add multiple devices to a single location to the worldmap, but cant add a group. You need to make sure that all nodes are pointing at the single location and do not miss one (or add one that does not belong to the map location).

This also means that if you modify a content of a group you need to remember to modify the map and it does not allow you to click on the group to get to the group page like the "static" atlas map would.

We have a geographically dispersed network, and we use groups to monitor devices in each site (Telco style). Having 30+ devices on 30+ sites will be painful to manage... I have great hope in this new feature if this could be sorted out


I was messing with this today and got a big sad face when it didn't work. This would make all the dynamic grouping I setup extra sweet and one hell of a time saver.

Level 13

Groups and hierarchy of groups are needed

ie international, then zoom into country, then into state/province , then into city, then into buildings, then into floor, then into rooms

at each level , I want to see different information

it would be great if info could be auto rolled up ie  if there is an issue at one level, it can escalate up a level

ie the NOC view should also be able to say , hey look at France, there is an issue in Paris at building 34, rack 6

Level 9

Adding groups would be a great feature add in...please do this.

Level 12

You can add groups to maps with the Network Atlas. I don't know how well it translates to World Map.

Level 13

Indeed, it works great in Network Atlas, but the WorldMap feature does not allow groups to be added... Only multiple nodes at the same location, but they have to be selected manually and are not updated automatically.


This would be a great feature. Since at some locations I have over 50 devices, it will make the map less crowded.

Level 13

Don't forget to update the map if you add or change a device at a location! 

Level 13

allow click and zoom in, out as well as lateral

Level 13

links to maps should be linked and NOT embedded, ie if you provide any new map updates, the page auto loads it with NO coding or editing

this would also allow and CRON job and auto FTP process to update the maps and these maps would not need hand editing for map changes

your netwrk architect coukd then update the maps  without touchuing NPM

also, link into visio and allow smart links

this is what my raritan DCtrack

program does much better as the site level

Level 13

Everyone who voted here should have a look to: - Adding title to location would be a big plus to this feature request