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Group Resource Filtering

Group Resource Filtering


I have on many occassions needed to use the All Groups resource to display filtered group structures.

For example, often we will implement groups for different scenarios:

By Site

By Service

By condition

When I want to have a summary page only display site status for example, currently the only option is to put an account limitation on the whole page, using the Group of Groups or similar.

What this resource really needs is the same as the All Nodes resource; the ability to put inline filters. A necessary inclusion is being able to filter on more than just the name, as I would not want to add a prefix/suffix to the Group name just for filtering, so Description field filtering could be used or even Custom Properties (probably overkill).

I could alternatively use the Custom Report from Report Writer option, but there is no Icon Status option for the report output, only textual, which is not suitable for visual page display.

Time to vote...

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There is a similar idea:

Feel free to comment and/or vote 😉

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This should be a thing. wluther​, familyofcrowes​, rschroeder​ get it started


Seems like this would be possible to accomplish through Custom Properties.  No?

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It would be good if they tied this in, to make it possible.

You can only view them by name and if you do not nest them it will not build out an ajax type display  where you can drill in.

Group By Status - Order by Name or Status

Not all groups are configured to reference Custom properties and currently filtering which groups are displayed on a All Groups resource. Even if they were using custom properties, it would still be preferred to keep the filter logic within the Group resource.

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