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Granular Node Management Rights.

Granular Node Management Rights.

There needs to be a simple way to assign users specific node management rights. For example, i have a group of users that i only want to be able to unmanage nodes, nothing more. There may be sophisticated ways of achieving this but it would be nice to have it built into the "Manage Accounts" section.

Thanks for considering this.

Level 9

Just want to jump in and +1 this request. This issue is becoming more common for us and may lead us to other tools.

The ability to provide non-admin uses unmanage nodes rights is now within Core 2015.1 (NPM 11.5/SAM6.2) which is great.

My concern, maybe rob.hock can chime in, is how users are able to unmanage more then a single node if they don't have access to a node-manage page? Is there a page I am unaware of that would allow this multiple node unmanage ability?

Level 9

Although there is now the option to unmanage nodes without full node management rights, it doesn't actually work.
You get an error saying that you need node management rights.

I tested with a user and did not have this result. Def contact support.

Level 9

Yep, I have a case open now. They first told me that it was supposed to work like that, but have since agreed that it's a bug and *should* allow us to unmanage without full node management rights.

Level 8

Our developers are asking for self service. Developers are pushing code updates to multiple sets of servers on a weekly basis, requiring a maintenance window. Administrators can schedule to unmanage nodes in advance, and if developers could re-manage the nodes after a code push, they could see that sites are up before the maintenance window is closed.

Take it up a notch by adding Advanced Alerts to the SDK (enable/disable Advanced Alerts) and allow our developers to enable and disable advanced alerts.

This would be most helpful for both NPM and WPM.

Level 10

Wow this request has been sitting here for THREE YEARS?!?

Level 17

I know that's right.  There has been some break down regarding account access granularity, but not to the extent that we all dream of. I'm sure that is the reason this remains

Level 12

Has anyone tested whether or not full Node Management rights via the Yes/No in the user config respects user view limitations, allowing a method, two-step though it may be to provide limited node management rights.

I tested it with a test user limited against a custom property and sure enough, with Node Management enabled, users can manage strictly those nodes.  Node Management also sets Unmanage to yes in the user config, i.e.:  you can't have Node Management rights without Unmanage rights, but it is respecting view limitations.

This is on NPM 11.5.2+current platform hotfixes.


Level 12

Re-reading the original request, it was for unmanage only without full node management rights, so my previous comment can probably be ignored.