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Full admin access demo

Full admin access demo

I would like to see one or more sites where we can login with our Thwack ID and have full access to demo site.  One would probably do for a while.  We would need it completely reset to defaults periodically, maybe every day, or at least once a week.  Also need it pre-populated with historical data.

The justification would be for us to test ideas before we share them.  For example: I shared an SWQL for custom resource widget, but didn't notice that I included a custom property.  I can test it repeatedly on my Orion install and it will work, but would not work on someone else's.

Similar to  except we have admin permissions and it's reset to defaults periodically.  Maybe require a minimum number of thwack points to become an admin on the site.

Level 13

I can see what you're getting at but I think it would almost need to be a virtual environment similar to GNS3 so that someone else doesn't change a setting that invalidates your testing. It can't really be shared.

Level 12

That would be really nice, but I thought it might be asking for too much.