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Filter Options in Custom Tile - Alerts Section

Filter Options in Custom Tile - Alerts Section

Custom Tile is a good feature but it doesn't work as expected when we click on the alerts.

I have setup custom tile and set filter using a custom property, tile shows proper information for the filtered nodes. But on the top 5 alerts section, if I click on any alert, it shows active alerts for all the nodes, not the filtered ones.


If the custom tile has this feature it would be great.




Level 9

@wluther  @jblankjblank  Created 🙂

You most certainly have a thumbs up from me! I think filters should be applied and followed all the way to the source/destination... whichever direction you're clicking.

Level 9

Thanks @wluther  🙂

Level 9

Thanks @jblankjblank  🙂