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Feature Request F5 OID Mapping

Feature Request F5 OID Mapping

Hello - we recently found out that F5 has decided to not use the RFC OIDs for polling their products. We'd like to have the ability to poll the F5 appliances without needing to import and manage custom MIBs across upgrades.  We have a case open with support: 578749, please reference this case for additional information.

From Support:

"the MIBs in question are included in our MIB database, but this only ties a name and description to an OID.  It does not change what OIDs we use to obtain device information by default.  The situation here is that we poll the RFC standard MIBs that contain interface information.  What you want to happen is to have NPM use a separate group of OIDs when polling interfaces on an F5 node."

Thanks in advance for your consideration

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