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Feature Request Export and Import Customized Views

Feature Request Export and Import Customized Views


Based on many client requests I have it would be nice to have the ability to export and import customized view configs so that if one has multiple separate Orion Instances it would would be easier have synchronized views.  If you have to manually copy view configurations it can be pain staking administratively.

Please vote up if you agree.  Also please feel free to add comments on how you would like to to operate.



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bump up!

P.S. Are there any quick workarounds available to clone views? Any SQL woodo?

Level 14

Yes. Any install since NPM v8 has a tool called OrionWebBackup that still functions. This utility is found only in the install directory, and will allow you backup and restore the Web Views.

Please backup any databases that you are wanting to change, just in case the backup/restore of the views messes the Web Console view up, the backed up database can be used to reset everything.

To backup all Web Views:

  1. C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\OrionWebBackup.exe
  2. Select Create Backup (will save one file to selected directory.)


To Restore on the new Server:

  1. C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\OrionWebBackup.exe
  1. Select a Backup File (If you look, this is asking which Tab View to merge or overwrite. I believe that you can only do one at a time.
  1. Select if you want to Merge the Views to Existing, or Overwrite all existing views with the file that will be imported
  1. Select Restore Backup

sean.martinez you are awesome, thanks for your help

Level 15

Nice little detail to hang on to.  Thanks!

Level 12

An option to include the tab views along with the main view would also be nice.

Level 11

+1 for the inclusion of tab views

Level 11

Im about to make a heavy customization of views, and couldnt find a way to backup the changes im going to make. OrionWebBackup.exe is not available in 11.5.2

Level 12

Yes, I cannot find OrionWebBackup.exe in that version either!

Is there another tool that Solarwinds substituted?
Thanks much,


Level 10

Yes, this ability would be very useful, just built a new server and rather than manually creating all of the views I have on my other server, being able to export them would be so much more efficient.  

Level 12

Apparently this is no longer true. I cannot find the OrionWebBackup utility in the designated location. Is it gone? Has it moved?