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Feature Request - Dynamic Maps on Node Views

Feature Request - Dynamic Maps on Node Views

Please vote to implement a way to create dynamic maps on NODE VIEWS.

Actually you can implement a Dynamic Map based on GROUP VIEWS as you can see in the next image, you have a field that allows you to put a ${Name} variable, then it shows group map dinamically.

With field (old versions).png

BUT if you see insert network map on NODE VIEW, you can't see this field. See next image.

Without field (new version).png

This dont allow us to create dynamic maps on NODE VIEWS, imagine a new type of hardware as OLT is. This type of dynamic map on NODES VIEW allow us to create a map for every OLT we have to allow us monitoring efectively.

2018-05-28 09_58_50-OLT - Details - Summary - OLTLPAVIS01.png

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Product Manager
Product Manager

While not device specific images and views, we have built in dynamic contextual mapping for the majority of all managed entities in Orion. 

Orion Platform 2018.2 Improvements - Chapter Two - Intelligent Mapping

Orion Platform Improvements - Intelligent Mapping Enhancements

If you are looking for a similar behavior to this feature Custom Maps for Group Details Page as you described above, you would need to create a custom view by device type to allow for more customized resources on a details view that wont impact every other entity in Orion.  However, this clearly won't get you to the final destination that you appear to be after as even views of the same device type may differ.  The problem there would be maintaining these maps over time.  That is quite a bit of management overhead.

Hopefully you can take a look at the articles posted above which create maps focused on the device and its relationships.  I look forward to your feedback.