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Feature Request - Allow DNS name filtering during Network Discovery and Import.

Feature Request - Allow DNS name filtering during Network Discovery and Import.

We do quarterly discoveries on all of our network segments. All of our devices follow a naming standard so I can tell what is a server, switch, router, etc..  based on the DNS name. Currently the discoveries find every device attached to the network and 90 percent of those I do not want to monitor. That said I have to manually check/uncheck thousands and thousands of devices during each discovery session.

It would be nice if the discoveries had more logic built in such as DNS name contains 'Switch' or DNS name contains 'Server' and a wizard similar to what is used for alert or report logic to create them so only the nodes I want to get imported would show up and not thousands of workstations. If this were in place I could actually use the autodiscovery feature.

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I have told SW devs a few times when I get a chance to talk to them that a really powerful feature Orion seems to be missing is a template model for monitored devices.  A set of of rules for how to identify which devices fall into the template, and then a bunch of policy settings like should we monitor this thing at all, which drives and interfaces, which sam templates to assign, how custom properties should be set, and so on.  I've talked to some people out in the community that have built some cool things in this kind of space but everything is still really tailored to our individual environments and so far nobody has anything that is more generic and appropriate to share to the community.