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Feature Request - Advanced Alert - Test that tests the filters

Feature Request - Advanced Alert - Test that tests the filters

Fix the "test alert" feature in the advanced alerts!

Currently it ONLY runs through the alert portion of the advanced alert. Why the heck isn't it running through the filters/triggers before just sending the email?

We are an enterprise business & SolarWinds is an enterprise class monitoring/reporting solution.

We have been banging our heads for 2 weeks on a new advanced alert.

Created a custom node property; applied it to some 20 nodes. (all Cisco)

Created a new email alert when the 2 following events happen.

Cisco IOS last boot change + custom node property is present.

This way the group assigned to the email ONLY gets alerts when those specific nodes reboot (no matter the reason) & not the entire corperations devices reboot.

Using the "Test" function it appears to work great.

Until in real life it doesn't alert.

Turns out that there are 2 issues involved.

#1 The "Test alert" feature actually ONLY tests the alert message and NOT the trigger & filter portion of the alert process!

#2 The SolarWinds engineer said that when I change the criteria from custom Node poller (which is where he claims the custom property resides) to Node for the Cisco IOS change; somehow it breaks the alert. Cant be fixed or changed. Have to delete it and completely rebuild it.

I am waiting for a response as to what process will allow me the 2 criteria I want matched to trigger the email alert will work so the alert comes across as necessary.

Case 490686

We have Cisco firewalls that will actually run through the entire process with a synthetic test condition & alert you to where it passes and fails.

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The alert message is easy enough to test and it never made sense to only test that.  I sometimes create alerts and I have to constantly wonder if my logic made sense and changing the trigger values are not a viable way to test the alert.

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You might post in the alert lab section on thwack and see if the alert pros can help... I voted up your request anyhow :^}

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