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Face Mask for Thwack Store

Face Mask for Thwack Store

It looks like face masks will be required in some places.  I was wondering we could get some SolarWinds masks in the Thwack Store.  


Feel free to provide a Kudos, if you like the idea.  

SolarWinds Masks.jpg





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Level 8

Potentially essential protective supplies being bought up by a company just to promote a bit of corporate branding doesn't seem like a great idea, tbh. Best leave the limited supplies to companies that actually need them, in my opinion. 

@russp I don't think he meant that SolarWinds should be manufacturing N95 masks. The two in his pictures are homemade fabric masks from SolarWinds shirts/polos. 

Level 14

Before IT, I was a NHS nurse.

And the vast majority of people wearing face masks and gloves, do not have a clue on how or when to use them.



Level 7

Would be convenient to design an insert where you can insert a coffee filter, etc. for extra protection.

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Level 10

I like your mock up.  I think it is a cute idea.  If it is to be done, I would definitely want it done with enough layers and quality to actually work and be effective.  It is a reality that many of us IT folks are working in situations where we have to be around people to help them with their networks even though most of the people are working from home.

If I go onsite, I would appreciate a high quality mask (good multi layer construction, washable, filter pocket, replaceable filter) not just for myself, but for all the people that I may be around.  Remember that the function of the mask is more for the other people rather than self.  Our bodies have a lot of places where the contagions can enter (not just the nose and mouth).  The nose and mouth are the most prolific places that spread the droplets that the contagions are suspended in via coughing and sneezing.  What we each cover up or lessen by using a mask is less exposure that the other person has to deal with.

I wish SolarWinds would provide a dozen or so to every one of their SWIDs under active maintenance.  That way when we visit a site, we are less likely to be exposed.