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FEATURE REQUEST - "Real" Disk statistics in Linux System - Case 870046

FEATURE REQUEST - "Real" Disk statistics in Linux System - Case 870046


In Orion NPM we can check the volumes of a node and create alerts based on % or disk free space, a node with 0 byte free normally is not a good thing.

In Window systems the normal SNMP check works perfectly, and all the data are correct.

In Linux systems these standard checks are not correct...and I had some problems with Linux servers with 0% free space... and in Orion the free space was 4%... and obviously my linux team was not "happy"... server under monitoring, no alerts and all services blocked..

The problem is that Linux reserves a percentage of free space for the superuser in order to be sure that you can work on the system in case of problems, normally this reserved free space is 5%.. so in the server below... "3.8Gb : 2.0Gb = 100 : X" mathematically the used space is ~52% BUT the real used disk is ~56%.

So for Linux there are other values and other OID.

Path where the disk is mounted:           .

Path of the device for the partition:     .

Total size of the disk/partion (kBytes):  .

Available space on the disk:              .

Used space on the disk:                   .

Percentage of space used on disk:         .

Percentage of inodes used on disk:        .

The request is simple, for Linux like for Cisco systems it would be nice to have the possibility to choose the type of SNMP checks,  the "" family or the "" family...



SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: What object IDs (OIDs) does Orion NPM poll for volume information? What...

Information TypeOID NameOID Value
Volume - Size and UsagehrStorageIndex1.
Volume - Size and UsagehrStorageType1.
Volume - Size and UsagehrStorageDescr1.
Volume - Size and UsagehrStorageAllocationUnits1.
Volume - Size and UsagehrStorageSize1.
Volume - Size and UsagehrStorageUsed1.
Volume - Size and UsagehrStorageAllocationFailures1.
Level 14

I have several Linux devices under various distributions from FreeBSD to Debian and Gnome. I have Net-SNMP configured on all of these distributions.

I am not seeing any recent versions of Net-SNMP support any disk data under, and from Net-SNMP's documentation, the snmpd.conf file would need to be modified to support these Disk OIDs. Net-SNMP

Since the snmpd.conf file would need to be modified to work with environments, the easiest and best way to get any information would fall back to the OID tree, which is defined as a Host Resouces MIB standards that have calculation standards.

What I would recommend that you can do today is setup UnDP Pollers for the OID, then you can setup a poller for each of the 7 OIDs above, and make sure to use the Transform Poller and the calculation would be PollerName/1000. This way you can still get the information reported and Alerted today.

Level 8

I will create a UnDP Pollers, this is the easy way and the alerts on this oid...



Product Manager
Product Manager

SAM 6.3 Beta 2 is now available which includes a Linux Agent for Node, Volume, Interface, and Application monitoring. This agent should address many of the shortcomings associated with monitoring Linux host via SNMP, up to and including properly calculating volume usage statistics referenced in this thread. If you already own Server & Application Monitor and are under active maintenance, you can sign-up to participate in the beta at the link below.

Level 9

This is fantastic news (following the link to sing up shortly!)  Question: will 6.3 also give us the ability to collect detailed network stats via SNMP for Unix / Linux (that is currently available only in NPM)?

Thanks man!


Product Manager
Product Manager

The Linux Agent will indeed monitor network interface statistics on the server in the same way SAM monitors server interfaces via WMI or the Windows Agent. This is limited right now only to the Linux agent however, not SNMP.

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Community Manager
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