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FEATURE REQUEST - Child node dependencies report

FEATURE REQUEST - Child node dependencies report

In order to confirm that each node only has one parent to avoid the issue (Case # - 00222420) of SolarWinds sending alerts for the child node in addition to the parent node, we need a report that shows the related node dependencies and their groups to be able to verify dependency relationship and that there are no multiple parents.



Level 14

We have custom reports we use for this purpose, although it's a manual process.  I wish we could simply turn on automatic dependencies but that simply won't work for us because of our topologies.

Level 10

I've gotten around this in neworks with lots of remote sites by creating node groups by site using dynamic query on site ID custom property. It's manual, but it works better than auto dependency.

Suppose site ID is remote001. A dependency group using including site ID remote001 and excluding the edge router, then creating the dependency with the group using the router as a parent works.