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FEATURE REQUEST - Checkpoint VSX Monitor

FEATURE REQUEST - Checkpoint VSX Monitor

I had two open cases with SolarWinds in order to work on the integration to Orion with Checkpoint VSX Monitor.

This Feature Request was submitted by SolarWinds internally to their Product Managers.

Thanks so much!

Level 8

Hi Everyone,

I have the same problem, I can only monitor the physical VSX device and I would like to monitor the virtual ones.

I've found nothing on Thwack and on Checkpoint WebSite, if someone have any solutions let me know.

Thanks !

Level 14

I found a way to monitor the virtual devices on our CheckPoint firewalls by using SNMPv3.  However, it is far from ideal.  Let me explain..

If I set the context name to the applicable virtual firewall, SolarWinds DOES allow me to discover it but ONLY if I use physical IP address. So, I could either monitor the Physical CheckPoint or only one of the virtual instances on it.  So, it would seem best for SolarWinds to discover not only the physical but also all the applicable virtual firewalls -- regardless of the SNMPv3 context name.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?  If so, I too would like to know if you found a solution.  Thanks everyone!!! 

Level 7

Has any progress been made on this?

Searching the web there seems to be nothing?


Level 13

No progress for us either after all this time.

We first attempted this 16months ago when I first logged a case with SolarWinds and then followed it up with CheckPoint.

They developed and released their patch, but our project got shelved..

We're currently working with them (CP) again to get this working.

Hopefully we'll get this resolved soon.

SNMPv3 /w context worked on some parts of the OID tree, but gave us the VS0 interfaces.

Will give an update once I get confirmation that both  sides play nicely  

Level 13

FYI it all points back to CheckPoint with the lack of ability to monitor their devices via generic SNMP for the VSX.

Numerous enhancement requests have been submitted.

There will be a release soon, however that will not include what we have requested.

Level 9

Check Point sk90860

How to configure SNMP on Gaia OS

The VSX SNMP tree allows getting the information per Virtual Device (VS, VSW, VR).
For example, the current number of connections in the Connections Table for specific Virtual System.

The VSX SNMP tree is available only to SNMP daemon running in the context of VSX Gateway / VSX Cluster member itself (context of VS0).
Refer to $CPDIR/lib/snmp/chkpnt.mib file on VSX Gateway.
Load this MIB file in your SNMP Browser / SNMP Management application and use the VSX tree OID . to query the VSX Gateway / VSX Cluster member / Virtual Devices.

Hi Team

It’s very strange to know that this feature request has submitted on 2015 but still this feature is not available in current version of NPM.

This is a important requirement for us. So kindly help us to resolve this issue ASAP.

Level 11

We've asked for this as well.  However SW blame CP and CP blame SW.  Whilst you can monitor the VSX's the information you receive is garbage.

Level 12

I think that this Feature Request could do with a BUMP...

FYI;  bumpsquad