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FEATURE REQUEST - Add a new TAB in my dashboard

FEATURE REQUEST - Add a new TAB in my dashboard

It could be interesting to create a new TAB in my dashboard! I can only assign a menu Bar to an already existing TAB (HOME, NETWORK AND CONFIGS).

For example, beyond the TAB: HOME, NETWORK AND CONFIGS, I would like to have a TAB MAP with All maps.


Please, refer to case 00103007



This has been a long requested feature. There are numerous requests for this exact functionality... And I vote for them all!

I still don't understand why this isn't a thing yet. It seems like such an easy win.

Level 17

I get it! I am right there with you all! 'I am you!' But how much is too much? Add 1, 2, 3, or 5 Tabs? I would say with the customization of Tabs, and customizing the 'default/home' tab you may not need more than 1 or 2 extra other than the App specific Tab already there. Forgive my 's Advocate for just a moment .

Don't get me wrong either, because I will create custom buttons until I am blue in the face. One for every Management Page that is more than a single click away (Apps, Netflow - sources/ranges/apps, VNQM - CM's/Gateways/ips, et al) and any other critical page I find myself being lazy about clicking multiple times to visit.


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cahunt​ Well, I would say having the ability to add any number of additional, "user", tabs, even if it was only 1, would be an improvement. However, 1 tab might work for the first person, but maybe the next person needs 10. Having the option allows everyone to make as many, or as few, as needed. Having to sacrifice a production module's menu bar, simply to better organize your specific environment's needs, can't be the best way to do things here, right?

Level 17

I am with that. As long as mgmt for this option still comes from the 'Admin' - So you don't end up with a user who adds a few more menu's than their screen size would be able to handle.

Well, how about that, this thing actually, and surprisingly, already exists... It looks like it was just hiding in plain sight.

Adding Custom Tabs To The Top Level Nav Bar

Level 20

I remember that one Will!  Funny how things just seem to come back around every once in a while!