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F5 iControl Access via TACACS or Radius Logon Authentication.

F5 iControl Access via TACACS or Radius Logon Authentication.

Get all of the F5 iControl Monitoring features by not only using the Local Account on the F5 Network Device.

Many us have our SolarWinds Orion Monitoring Platforms within Secure Environments with no Access to the Internet and ONLY allow access to the Network Device via TACACS or Radius Logon Authentication.

Like the NCM it would therefore be great if F5 iControl can also be used for Monitoring with the appropriate TACACS or Radius Logon Authentication used by the companies Networks and Systems that we support.

I trust that other THWACK Members with F5’s being Monitored will support the Poll for SolarWinds to enable access to the F5 iControl using an Account Authenticated by TACACS or Radius.

Thank you in advance for your support.



PS: For those of you who think this is a good Idea can you please follow the URL Below and Poll It Up as 'Yes Great Idea'...

Thank you again in advance for your support

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Well Solarwinds will have to learn the hard way...

More companies compliance standards include central authentication &MFA Orion platform support only AD.

Will be "damn shame" to need to move from Orion (that work just fine )because of compliance requirements!!!

li-migration Community Manager
Community Manager
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