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Export to PDF button available again

Export to PDF button available again


With the NPM 12.2 Release the "export to PDF" button on the reports are not available anymore.

Most of my clients were using that as a handy reporting solution. Now it is possible with CTRL+P save as PDF via browser but it doesn't focus the printable area and waste of time as well.

Could you please make it available again?




Having this functionality returned would be convenient, but I've learned to use Chrome and save the view to PDF. so I'm not unable to share reports.

I'm OK having the button, or not having it.  But only as long as compatible web browsers allow printing to PDF.  Perhaps one day soon my InfoSec team would say "No Chrome anymore--you must use IE or Edge".  And if either of them don't allow printing to PDF . . .

I am also having difficult time in working without this button. Customers often do not trust web browsers for saving websites as PDFs.

Also, web browsers are not always accurate for such actions, for example pages can divide some elements of web interface in a very strange way.

I have am using a workaround with "&Printable=TRUE" at the end of the URL. A bit better, but not perfect.

PS. I also added this feature request in the latest SolarWinds Survey.

Kind regards,


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Community Manager
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