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Export NetPath to PDF/Image

Export NetPath to PDF/Image

NetPath shows an excellent graph of the path traffic takes going through a network. Sometimes it's necessary to share this information with a 3rd party or client. It would be convenient to be able to export a given NetPath to PDF/Image to be able to send via email or attach to problem tickets. Currently, the only way I've found to do this is to take screenshots of the graph on the webpage via Printscreen / Greenshot, and if a NetPath graph is sufficiently large enough this will require stitching together multiple screenshots to get the desired image.

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Level 9

I NEED this.  It would be great if there was an option to export it to a nice clean PDF with path history/packet loss.  A screenshot will work... but it's not a nice item to present with all the buttons still present and "How to use NetPath" on the chart.

Level 9

+1​ !!

I really needed this today but ended up taking super zoomed out screenshots of large NetPaths.

PDF / SVG / other widely supported vector formats would be great.

I'm surprised this functionality isn't already baked in for Netpath. Voted up.

Got my vote... I'd love to export some of this, did the same as you nanneq​, which works for now. Maybe too.. even the ability to schedule/email it.

Level 7

Agree that we need output for this. Ideally via the usual screen resources and reports, so we can report trends over a protracted timeline and or with other metrics on the same chart or table.

Some versions of SW products offered PDF's that only showed what fit on the screen, not the hundreds of nodes in the report/list/view that scrolled off the screen.  Let's make sure THAT never happens again!

Level 7

Definitely needed - I cant sell this as a troubleshooting tool unless I can share the results rapidly while troubleshooting step.

Level 21

I think this would be awesome as well as being able to Export to Visio format!

Level 14

Excellent idea!!!


I would also like to have this functionality. up-voted.