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Enhanced Integration with ServiceNow

Enhanced Integration with ServiceNow

The out-of-the-box 'incident' integration with ServiceNow is fantastic, and enables automation for opening, updating, and closing tickets.  However, many people including us use ServiceNow CMDB functionality.  We are already discovering our network inventory with Solarwinds, it would be fantastic to be able to push information to the CMDB

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if it allows to push the data to SNOW CMDB, it will be really Awesome...

We do this, its just a few SQL queries (I wanted a SWQL call in a script, but got a bunch of blank stares) that I gave to our service now admins which that they added to their discovery. They take the data and map it to the fields they select and decide how to match devices. There is a "native" integration into Service Now from Microsoft SCCM that they used to pattern implementing this.

In short, it can be done with very little work without anything official. Today we do clients machines via SCCM, Servers/VMware via the Orion database, and Network gear from a warranty tool. I am sure that I can get the queries to Orion, but I will ask if the Service now logic can be exported too.

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I pinged you on Linked in and details would be helpful.