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Enhanced 'Active Alerts' Resource

Enhanced 'Active Alerts' Resource

Please amend the 'Active Alerts' resource to add the following functionality:

  • Add the 'Acknowledge' button
  • Allow the user to set the number of rows, or have an option to "show all" and have it stick (currently the resource resets to 5 rows upon a page refresh, which makes it very weak as a NOC resource)
  • Allow SWQL/SQL filtering for the resource to limit the contents based on custom properties and object types

Example of what it currently looks like:


These enhancements would GREATLY benefit the usability of the resource in creating NOC views


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Level 17

the Resetting to 5 rows happens for SQL log messages as well...very frustrating when you are trying to review a group of logs and poof, gone.

Level 12

Good idea, zackm

I especially would like SWQL/SQL filtering for example to show alerts for given class of objects (say separate NOC dashboards for network team, UPS team, ....)

Level 8

This would be most helpful.

Product Manager
Product Manager

zackm​ for the "Show All" functionality requested - are you looking for it to show all alerts in a certain state or do you want to see every active alert?

For acknowledge - do you tend to acknowledge in bulk or single acknowledge per alert?

Level 15


I think questions like this are easiest answered by "yes, I want all of that". Working with the amount of clients we see, it is hard to say that one solution would benefit everyone.

What I would like to see would be an Active Alerts resource that allows for the following:

  • Show all active alerts
  • Show all active alerts with filters
    • Filters: Severity, Alert Category, Alert Name string match
  • Acknowledge button on a toolbar on top with checkbox options on the individual alerts so you can acknowledge one or more alerts at your leisure
  • Top XX Active Alerts, with options to sort by Time Alert was Triggered, Alert Severity, and Alert Duration
Level 11

being able to filter based on custom properties of the entity would be great for us.

I would like to be able to create NOC views for specific sites. On the rotation of views, I want to show alerts that are associated with nodes/elements at that site, without limiting their access to any other view or node in the enterprise.

Level 10

This is a great request.  We have been asked for this a number of times. A noc view that includes Active Alerts but only display the Critical active alerts in one screen and warning active alerts in another screen.

Product Manager
Product Manager

See our lovely new All Alerts widget in 12.2! New, Enhanced Version of the Active Alerts Widget

Level 16

The URL you referenced is restricted but you can view the latest 12.4 in the online demo.

Looks like they have added some features, but still needs a 'Notes' section or the ability to directly change the values of a custom property on that page.

My NOC needs to be able to add items like when service is expected to be restored, reason its down, etc on that view so when they turn over shifts the status of the alert is documented.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented