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Enhance point tracking for Thwack forum & store

Enhance point tracking for Thwack forum & store

I have a number of ideas I've discussed with Jfrazier​ and a few other folks - namely around point tracking for the thwack forum.

I see two areas we could benefit from changes on:

1: personal point tracking.

Being able to filter by criteria would be nice, and being able to find out WHO assigned you the points for things that aren't just posting/commenting would also be nice. Also enabling SW employees to go back and update the description for points they award us would be useful. When I say criteria it could be "thing you've done" (UX participants for example) or it could be a keyword search (UX).

2: thwack store.

I know in the past the thwack store couldn't even really tell us what we bought (or what we tried to buy but never ended up buying and no longer shows up), but it'd be great if somewhere we can see a "your purchases". Think like how amazon does order history, it doesn't need to be more creative than that but it'd be nice to have an audit log of the info. For example, I tried to look at the backpack and now the backpack is no longer listed for me but I never actually decided to purchase it. It also sounds like it's super hard for Thwack forum admins to track down where your purchases went, even if mrs.alterego​ or other SW employees on thwack try to help.


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Add to that better descriptions of the requirements. For example - I'm halfway through Smarty Pants (thought I had both requirements met but apparently not)


Am I missing the 2 correct answers or the 2 helpful answers? I would expect the bars to represent the requirements in order, but . . .

I had previously created a discussion about this - Didn't think about the feature request. Anyway, here's what I had:

I love getting Thwack points and the variety of ways to earn. I'd really like a master list of all the missions with details on how to earn each of them. While I like the sorting and searching functionality that is there - perusing through on the website is a bit cumbersome and hard to find missions that could be handled. (I've been surprised with points by completing missions that I didn't know I was on)

The list would also be nice to be able to hide the ones that are unobtainable - i.e. "Attend SWUG in London, while I'd love to it's never going to happen." or "Attend ThwackCamp from 2 years ago - still no time machine in the Thwack store"

I'm a checklist and goal oriented person so this list would be great for me. But in the bigger picture I think it would get more people engaged with the community if they had a clear strategy for obtaining points. Personally I encourage people to spend time at Thwack daily (not just for points but for knowledge and community)

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The thwack store tells me how many of things I own.  The backpack is a special case because after you buy it... it does disappear from the store but it's the only item that does this I think... maybe the shoulder bag does too but I've never gotten one of those.

You know if they would offer up a flux capacitor and a mr. fusion in the thwack store we'd be halfway there to time travel back and across the pond.


bumping! let's improve thwack!     

ecklerwr1​, yes the messenger back vanishes too.  Most of the higher value items or special items are generally not available for "re-purchase".

an actual order history to audit would be better for all involved, plus being able to see what "can't be repurchased" would also be nice - considering that I never bought a backpack but it doesn't show up anymore because I queued it up once and never purchased it.

Also, #bump