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Enhance monitoring for (Cisco) Viptela vEdge SD-WAN devices

Enhance monitoring for (Cisco) Viptela vEdge SD-WAN devices

Solarwinds team, please focus to modern SD-WAN appliances from Viptela, since Viptela vEdge devices can be monitored directly using SNMP (not via vManage). Currently there is a very limited view to these devices that are missing most of the important figures. We request to add visibility of CPU, memory, PSU, fan, temperature, firmware, model, service tag, routing table content, vlans, buffer misses, flapping routes - the same amount of information as with any other Cisco ISR device. Since Viptela is now part of Cisco, this makes it very attractive and important SD-WAN technology, that should not be missed by Solarwinds.

Level 7

I am wondering if this has changed or has been addressed.  How to properly manage vEdge's?  Just vManage or Solarwinds as well.  Single pane of glass for management visibility.  How do the vEdges perform with 2 sets of manager polling?

Also why no SilverPeak?

Level 7

+1 for this feature request. 

Company moving to Viptela, and will probably drop Solar Winds for another product if not fully supported. Any movement on this request?

Level 7

Our company is dependent on UDT for PCI compliance. If SolarWinds can not support the Viptela OID for arp table, we will need to look for another monitoring solution.

Level 12

Bump for this. I would love to see a poller that picks up the colors and their changes.

Level 9

Do we have any thwack custom pollers/UnDP to monitor the same.

We have a lot of devices with viptela routers which miss the data for forementioned parameters