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Enhance Regex functionality for Network Discovery

Enhance Regex functionality for Network Discovery

Within Network Discovery there is an option to customize what types of objects are monitored automatically within the nodes you're discovery.


When you get to interface selection, you can choose advanced regex matching options such as:


However, you are unable to checkbox flags such as context insensitivity (/i) or multi-line.  In addition, the text box is tiny and when you exit/re-enter this part of the discovery it's converted to something else, which makes revisiting the data difficult. So


Ends up like this:


Can we

  • improve the box size
  • enable flags to be able to be toggled such as   s / i / g / m / x   per mrxinu
  • fix how things get converted so that if you exit the filtering and go back in you're not stuck with converted Ascii?
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Level 10

it gets converted to ASCII hex so you can check it if you have to