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Enhance NetPath with the NetPath Explorer!

Enhance NetPath with the NetPath Explorer!

Howdy Thwacksters! 

I've bounced this idea around in a few UX sessions with SWI themselves, and now I put it out for you to put your own feedback on, and vote on if you support it 😎

Ever since NetPath was first released, I've wanted to have greater control over how I move between the various NatPath's within my environment. Then it hit me! Why not take the functionality offered in NTA's NetFlow Navigator, and put it into the NetPath Services page? For those unfamiliar with NTA, the NetFlow Navigator is a menu, unique to the NTA Summary page, which allows users to filter what is displayed in the various widgets. Once clicked, it expands, providing you with a plethora of functionality!

So, my idea would be to create a 'NetPath Navigator', which you can use to choose which Path, Probe, and Time Series you're interested in viewing, without having to navigate back to the top menu each time you wish to view a different path. 

I would envisage this to be docked but expanded, on the left-hand side when you click the NetPath Services page, and when clicked, it expands to allow the user to select the path, then a probe to which this path is assigned, and then finally a time series, before clicking 'submit'. At which point the path summary will be displayed, as it currently is, with the NetPath Navigator stowed to the left. 

However, should the use then want to view a different path, or a different probe for the selected path, or even simply modify the time series for the currently selected path, then can do so by clicking and expanding the Navigator, and making the required changes before submitting again, at which point to the summary view would change accordingly. 

I feel this would be a great benefit to those who heavily use NetPath! If you agree, give this idea a Kudo! Feel free to add your own feedback below. 

EDIT: I did add some pictures, including a mock-up of how this could look, but doing so corrupted this post! I'll try to add them in again, to a response below. 

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Here are the images which were removed. Firstly, the NetFlow Navigator, when stowed:


NetFlow Navigator StowedNetFlow Navigator Stowed

Now the same when expanded, showing the options: 

NetFlow Navigator ExpandedNetFlow Navigator Expanded

And finally, my mock-up of how the NetPath Navigator could look:

NetPath Navigator Mock-UpNetPath Navigator Mock-Up

This reminds me of a part of what @jreves  has been working on. It's along the lines of some of the stuff I'm trying to quantify

I'd support this.  Although, over the last few years since NetPath became available I've only had occasion to build 25 monitors, meaning I'm not doing a lot of customization here.  But maybe if I had easy options I'd use it for more advanced purposes.

Yeah, I'd like to be able to have 3x integrations with this.

Like an IPERF equivalent that integrates Netflow, Netpath in a map and shows jitter. (so an add on that can generate traffic across particular ports (or even different protocols so we can gauge NBAR data) (and possibly pushed from an agent or multiple agents?)

ie so I could see that my class-based QoS rules were running accurately.

ie nightly test, push traffic from a solarwinds server (or multiple) across different ports across the network to gauge throughput for different DSCP markings and visualise them with Netflow and Netpath in one window hop by hop.

This would make Solarwinds leaps and bounds ahead of their competitors.



note we have VNMQ as well as NTA, NCM, NPM, engineers toolset, etc.