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Enable SNMP Monitoring for Device Status in bulk

Enable SNMP Monitoring for Device Status in bulk

Our default is to use SNMP Monitoring for device status.

However on 4000 plus devices this is going to be a pain to modify individual by listing resources.

This should be possible as part of the import process or being able to set in bulk.

Does anyone in the community have a way to script this easily through the database directly.



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I like the idea, but similar ideas were posted in the past.

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So if this is correct, and SW are not concerned that this should be a core feature, are we aware if direct DB modification is possible.


Hi mduplessis​ , i assumed you were talking about automatic sync, but if it just an bulk import where you want to change icmp to snmp for status and response time - that feature is already present in Solarwinds

Settings -> Manage Pollers -> Search for "Status"

You would see the below pollers:

Status & Response Time ICMP

Status & Response Time SNMP

Its pretty straight forward click on "node count which is visible on Status & Response Time ICMP , go to the next screen check the node names in bulk and then click on disable poller" - then go back to previous screen "check Status & Response Time SNMP -> click on Assign and select all nodes in bulk which needs this assignment at once" and enable snmp resource to it. Post which the device status would be polled using SNMP.

Hope it helps

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