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Enable Radius/Tacacs for Web Based Login

Enable Radius/Tacacs for Web Based Login

We rely heavily on 2FA in our company and we feel NPM should be able to support Radius/Tacacs+ Web Based Authentication.

We found that Microsoft AD is not the best way of Authenticating users and doesn't support 2FA.

Please can you look to develop support for External LDAP/Radius and Tacacs+ support for Web Based Authentication.

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Thanks fella, already registered.

How many more places can you put idea's and feature requests though...

The UX process is much different than a place to post ideas and feature requests.  When SolarWinds reaches out to people for a User Experience, it takes about an hour for them to give you access to a new demo environment for which they want feedback from experienced users.  They step a person through the views, the person is asked to click (or NOT click) on certain items and then asked to explain what they expected, or to provide ideas about what's wrong with a layout or design or result.

UX isn't about requesting new features.  Think of it as asking a friend or a spouse:  "Does this shirt go with these pants?"  Or "Would you mind looking over my document to see if it has serious problems, or if you think I can improve on the wording?"

UX can still be a way to influence a design before it's released to the public.  I've participated in many UX session with great results.  Almost always I learn new things, and many times I free-associate with SW about ideas that come to mind as I work through their UX pages.  I think I've contributed significant ideas in these sessions that may have produced new paths for SW to follow in their products or in the pages that their products use to accomplish tasks.

It's a pleasure to work with the UX staff--they're polite and professional and they've proven SolarWinds is interested in its customers' impressions and ideas.  The UX sessions provide a great real-time way to give feedback about products coming down the pipe.

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well i'm registered there buddy, so lets see. Thanks

Good for you,​.  SolarWinds calls on me for UX contributions every year or two.  I think the more people that sign up for UX experiences the fewer calls I get.

Here's hoping you'll be able to participate in a UX session soon.

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Could'nt find the answer. Can we integrate Radius or tacacs with solarwinds?

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